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Steve Souders talks about web performance (of course) at Webstock 2011.

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December 10

The story goes that Babbage was inspired to create the Difference Engine one day when he came across multiple errors in a book of astronomical calculations. “I wish to God these calculations had been executed by steam!” he exclaimed.

December 9

HTML Paragraph-ize in Vim

:100,150 s/\s*(\S.*\S)\s*/<p>\1<\/p>/

A little vim command to surround lines in <p> tags. It says to take lines 100 to 150, strip whitespace at the start and end of the line and then add the opening and closing tags.

You should change the line numbers to fit your situation. If you want it to apply to the whole file, replace the 100,150 with %.

It leaves empty lines or lines with only whitespace alone. It also ignores lines with only one non-whitespace character, which might be considered a bug, but I didn’t have any of those.